Sunday, 7 April 2013

Blog Entry 6 Guessing the number

Blog Entry 6

Guessing the number

We watched the second part of the video where children were presented with a guessing game. This is an interesting game which I would like to try with my kindergarten children. The game goes like this, children were asked to guess two digit numbers leaving out the zero. eg. 23 and subtract it by reversing the number. (23 - 32 = 32 – 23 = (the answer must add up to make 9)

By looking at the last digit, children were able to guess what the beginning digit is. This gives children more practice in subtraction. This activity builds children’s interest in mathematics as can be seen in the video. They were excited in being magicians and wanted to try subtracting over and over again.

I will definitely try this activity with my kindergarten children.

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