Sunday, 7 April 2013

Blog Entry 1

Rote counting and Rational Counting

This is the first lesson on Elementary Mathematics. We learnt about theorist such as Vygotsky who believes that children learn in a social situation. Children learn better by communicating and sharing ideas from their peers. Jerome Brunner believes in the use of visuals (concrete – pictorial – abstract) , CPA approach. Number concepts that we learnt is nominal number, rational counting and rote counting.

This is something different from the other modules that I have attended. My mind got refreshed when I was reminded that bus numbers and i/c numbers are nominal numbers and also talked about enrichment and acceleration. Usually, I will just accelerate to a higher level activity. This module tells me that I can use a single concept such as counting and to go on to a higher level thinking. Eg. counting single objects to compositional pictures (enrichment).
                                                                  Number_cartoon : Numbers One,Two And Three Funny Cartoon Mascot Characters

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